23 November 2023

Embrace the Beauty of Seasonal Flowers and Greenery: Creating Stunning Vase Arrangements with Roses and Gerberas

When it comes to adding charm and elegance to your home, there's nothing quite like growing your own seasonal flowers and greenery in your garden. The joy of watching your blooms flourish and the satisfaction of cutting fresh flowers to create stunning vase arrangements are unparalleled. In this post, we'll explore the beauty of cultivating seasonal flowers and greenery and how to use roses and gerberas to craft intriguing vase arrangements that transform your home into a floral wonderland.

The Joy of Seasonal Gardening:

Year-round Beauty: Seasonal gardening allows you to enjoy a changing landscape throughout the year. Each season brings a new palette of colours and textures, enhancing your outdoor and indoor spaces.

We recommend that when you are at a plant nursery – to ask in particular for plants that flower during winter, as this is the time when picking from your home garden is most satisfying as it can feel grim during the more gloomy seasons.  

Looking for plants that grow long (at least 50cm) hardy stems and feature good textures is smart too These cuttings really help to build arrangements by being reliable fillers.   Interesting textures and colours (such silver, maroon, purple, yellow, brown etc!) can add a lot of unexpected charm to an arrangement, especially if you team it with a contrasting colour.   A orange rose will pop against purple foliage.    Have fun with your combinations. 

Cool things to grow for home cutting: Hydrangeas, Proteas, Grevillea ( a favourite: Dorothy Gordon), Waratahs, Dahlias, Tea tree bushes.

Sustainability: Growing your own flowers and greenery is environmentally friendly. You reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding the transportation and packaging associated with store-bought blooms.

Cost-Effective: Seasonal gardening can be cost-effective in the long run. Once established, many perennial plants require minimal maintenance and provide blooms year after year.

The Elegance of Roses:

Versatile Colors: Roses come in a wide range of colors, allowing you to match them to your home decor or create unique color combinations.

Classic Elegance: Their classic, elegant appearance makes roses an ideal choice for both formal and casual arrangements.

Longevity: With proper care, roses can have a reasonably long vase life, ensuring your arrangements stay beautiful for days.

The Vibrancy of Gerberas:

Gerbera daisies are known for their vibrant, cheerful appearance and are an excellent complement to roses in your vase arrangements:

Bold and Playful: Gerberas add a burst of color and a playful element to your arrangements, creating a dynamic visual contrast with roses.

Diverse Colors: Like roses, gerberas come in various colors, making it easy to create harmonious or contrasting color schemes.

Durability: Gerbera daisies have a robust stem structure, ensuring they stand tall and proud in your arrangements.

Creating Your Vase Arrangements

Now that you have your seasonal flowers and greenery from your garden, along with roses and gerberas, let's create captivating vase arrangements:

Materials You'll Need:

  • A selection of your garden's seasonal flowers and greenery
  • Freshly cut roses and gerberas
  • A vase or vases of your choice
  • Floral shears or scissors
  • Water
  • Floral preservative or flower food

Step-by-Step Arrangement:

Prepare Your Flowers: Trim the stems of your garden flowers, roses, and gerberas at an angle to the desired length for your vase.

Clean Vase: Ensure your vase is clean and filled with fresh water. Add floral preservative or flower food to extend the life of your arrangement.

Start with Greenery: Begin your arrangement by adding greenery from your garden. This creates a base and adds depth to the arrangement.

Add Seasonal Flowers: Insert your garden's seasonal flowers, distributing them evenly for a balanced look.

Introduce Roses and Gerberas: Place roses and gerberas strategically, focusing on creating focal points. Their vibrant colors and elegant shapes will draw the eye.

Adjust and Trim: As you build your arrangement, step back occasionally to assess the overall look. Adjust the position and height of each flower as needed, and trim any excess stems.

Fill in Gaps: If there are any gaps or areas that need a bit more greenery or color, fill them in with additional garden flowers or greenery.

Water Check: Regularly check the water level in the vase and top it up as needed to keep your arrangement hydrated.

Enjoy the Beauty: Place your vase arrangements in prominent locations in your home, such as the dining table, mantel, or foyer. Their presence will brighten your space and create a welcoming atmosphere.


Growing seasonal flowers and greenery in your garden is a rewarding endeavor that brings year-round beauty to your home. Combine these garden treasures with the timeless elegance of roses and the vibrant charm of gerberas to create captivating vase arrangements that transform your living spaces into havens of natural beauty. Embrace the joys of seasonal gardening and the art of floral design to make your house feel like a floral paradise.


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