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Discover how our unique release format, shipping, and cart filling process work, and embrace the benefits of choosing Buy the Bunch for your floral needs.

Bride holding flower bouquet from Buy a Bunch
Flower from Buy a Bunch
Flower from Buy a Bunch
Flower from Buy a Bunch
Flower Bunch at Blooming Hills Nursery

Exploring Our Release Format

Planned Flower Releases

We meticulously plan our flower releases in advance, considering seasons, crop quality, and logistics. You can find release dates with countdown timers on our website.

Countdown to Blooms

Keep an eye on the countdown timer for each upcoming release. When it hits zero, the sale goes live, and you can start shopping for your favourite blooms.

Picking Your Flowers and Paying Online

Choose Your Blooms

Explore our range of flowers and colours. Add your favourite flowers to your virtual cart as you create your order.

Online Payment

Pay securely and conveniently online. We accept a variety of payment methods for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Efficient Carton Filling

Efficient Carton Filling

Our system is designed to calculate your shipping carton's capacity as you add flowers to your cart. This ensures that your blooms arrive in perfect condition. It's a behind-the-scenes process that prioritizes freshness.

Delivery and Planning

Delivery Services

Please be aware that our flower delivery service operates as overnight delivery. It's crucial to understand that upon receiving the flowers, they should be promptly removed from the packaging and placed in water to ensure their freshness and longevity.

We want to emphasize that we have no direct control over the courier service. While we pack our products properly and use a trusted courier service with a high success rate, there are inherent risks involved in the delivery process. These risks can become more apparent during holidays like Christmas when package delays are more common.

For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions.

Planning is Essential

Planning is essential. If your event is of utmost importance, please consider these risks when selecting your delivery date. While we do our best to ensure timely delivery, sometimes unforeseen issues can occur.

Additionally, it's vital that customers plan to personally receive their flower deliveries and avoid leaving packages unattended, especially in direct sunlight or adverse conditions. Upon receipt, applying proper flower care is essential to ensure their longevity.

For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Buy the Bunch?

Peak Freshness

By shopping with us, you're guaranteed the freshest flowers. Our release format ensures that you receive blooms at their absolute best.

Diverse Selection

Explore a wide range of floral varieties and colours, each carefully selected to captivate your senses.


We've made it easy for you to access the beauty of fresh flowers. Our user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free shopping experience.

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